Repeatable and consistent quality batch to batch

Our Quality Commitment

Small Batch

Our indoor, world class growing facility has been specifically designed to grow in small batches. Our plants are grown vertically in tiers, allowing for plant yields and consistency that are much higher than traditional growing techniques.



Our plants are grown from cuttings. The growing team continually scouts plants for stress and success throughout the plant growth life cycleOur growing rooms contain high-tech automation and control systems. Every aspect of the growing process is carefully monitored to establish an optimal growing environment, including temperature, irrigation, and fertigation practices.


Our primary method of pest management is the use of biological insect controls, which we use to maintain ‘pest insect populations’. In other words, we use “good bugs” to control the “bad bugs”.


Special care is taken in the process to dry our plants. We slow hang dry, hand trim and cure our product.

Hand Sorted,
Hand Finished,
Hand Packaged

After the drying process, we separate the flowers from the leaves and stems by hand, ensuring the plants receive individual attention. We hand sort, hand finish, and hand pack all of our flower. We are a very hands-on team.

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